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Race:Wood Elf
Cost:120 k
Skills normal:General, Agility
Skills double:Strength, Passing




A player with the Block skill is proficient at knocking opponents down. The Block skill, if used, affects the results rolled with the Block dice, as explained in the Blocking rules.


A player with the Dodge skill is adept at slipping away from opponents, and is allowed to re-roll the D6 if he fails to dodge out of any of an opposing player’s tackle zones. However, the player may only re-roll one failed Dodge roll per turn. In addition, the Dodge skill, if used, affects the results rolled on the Block dice, as explained in the Blocking rules in the Blood Bowl book.


A player with the Leap skill is allowed to jump to any empty square within 2 squares even if it requires jumping over a player from either team. Making a leap costs the player two squares of movement. In order to make the leap, move the player to any empty square 1 to 2 squares from their current square and then make an Agility roll for the player. No modifiers apply to this D6 roll unless he has Very Long Legs. The player does not have to dodge to leave the square he starts in. If the player successfully makes the D6 roll then they make a perfect jump and may carry on moving. If the player fails the Agility roll then he is Knocked Down in the square that he was leaping to, and the opposing coach makes an Armour roll to see if he was injured. A failed leap causes a turnover, and the moving team’s turn ends immediately. A player may only use the Leap skill once per Action.

Best Wardancers

91Halfdan HoggtannLogo Furulunden BlodbolleforĂŠning 
77Guttorm VeivellingLogo Furulunden BlodbolleforĂŠning 
44Malrond AlvedansLogo Alvedans FFC 
23Dancolas AlvedansLogo Alvedans FFCRetired
13SaronLogo Darkwald Treehuggers 
3(Unnamed)Logo Woodland Fairies 
1Fox Trotolas AlvedansLogo Alvedans FFC 
0(Unnamed)Logo Woodland Fairies 

Most Popular New Skills

Skill NameNumber of Players
Side Step4
+1 ST2
Strip Ball2
Sure Feet1
Mighty Blow1
+1 AG1