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Flesh Golem

Position:Flesh Golem
Cost:110 k
Skills normal:General, Strength
Skills double:Agility, Passing




If the player suffers a Casualty result on the Injury table, then roll a D6 for Regeneration after the roll on the Casualty table and after any Apothecary roll if allowed. On a result of 1-3, the player suffers the result of this injury. On a 4-6, the player will heal the injury after a short period of time to 're-organise' himself, and is placed in the Reserves box instead. Regeneration rolls may not be re-rolled. Note that opposing players still earn Star Player points as normal for inflicting a Casualty result on a player with this skill, even if the result doesn't affect the player in the normal way.

Stand Firm

A player with this skill may choose to not be pushed back as the result of a block. He may choose to ignore being pushed by ‘Pushed’ results, and to have 'Knock-down' results knock the player down in the square where he started. If a player is pushed back into a player with using Stand Firm then neither player moves.

Thick Skull

This player treats a roll of 8 on the Injury table, after any modifiers have been applied, as a Stunned result rather than a KO’d result. This skill may be used even if the player is Prone or Stunned.

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