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Race:Lizardman , Slann
Cost:140 k
Skills normal:Strength
Skills double:General, Agility, Passing




Loners, through inexperience, arrogance, animal ferocity or just plain stupidity, do not work well with the rest of the team. As a result, a Loner may use team re-rolls but has to roll a D6 first. On a roll of 4+, he may use the team re-roll as normal. On a roll of 1-3 the original result stands without being re-rolled but the team re-roll is lost (i.e. used).


The player is not noted for his intelligence. Because of this you must roll a D6 immediately after declaring an Action for the player, but before taking the Action. On a roll of 1 they stand around trying to remember what it is they’re meant to be doing. The player can’t do anything for the turn, and the player’s team loses the declared Action for the turn. (So if a Bone-head player declares a Blitz Action and rolls a 1, then the team cannot declare another Blitz Action that turn.) The player loses his tackle zones and may not catch, intercept or pass, assist another player on a block or foul, or voluntarily move until he manages to roll a 2 or better at the start of a future Action or the drive ends.

Mighty Blow

Add 1 to any Armour or Injury roll made by a player with this skill when an opponent is Knocked Down by this player during a block. Note that you only modify one of the dice rolls, so if you decide to use Mighty Blow to modify the Armour roll, you may not modify the Injury roll as well. Mighty Blow cannot be used with the Stab or Chainsaw skills.

Prehensile Tail

The player has a long, thick tail which he can use to trip up opposing players. To represent this, opposing players must subtract 1 from the D6 roll if they attempt to dodge out of any of the player’s tackle zones.

Thick Skull

This player treats a roll of 8 on the Injury table, after any modifiers have been applied, as a Stunned result rather than a KO’d result. This skill may be used even if the player is Prone or Stunned.

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