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Cost:110 k
Skills normal:General, Agility, Strength
Skills double:Passing



Blood Lust

Vampires must occasionally feed on the blood of the living. Because of this, roll a D6 immediately after declaring an Action with a Vampire. On a 2+ the Vampire may carry out the Action as normal. On a 1, however, the Vampire is overcome by the desire to drink Human blood and must carry out the following special Action instead. The Vampire must take a Move Action, and loses his declared action for the turn. If the original action was one that could only be used by one player on the team then it counts as having been used up for the turn. If the Vampire finishes the move standing adjacent to one or more standing, Prone or Stunned Thralls from his own team, he attacks one of them. Immediately roll for injury on the Thrall who has been attacked without making an Armour roll. The injury will not cause a turnover unless the Thrall was holding the ball. If the Vampire is not able to attack a Thrall (for any reason), then he is removed from the pitch and placed in his team's Reserves box, and his team suffers a turnover. If he was holding the ball it bounces from the square he occupied when he was removed, and he will not score a Touchdown (even if he gets into the End Zone while holding the ball before being removed). If the Vampire is KO’d or suffers a Casualty before biting a Thrall, then he should be placed in the appropriate box of the Dug Out instead of being placed in the Reserves box. Note that the Vampire is allowed to pick up the ball or do anything else they could normally do while taking a Move Action, but must bite a Thrall to avoid the turnover.

Hypnotic Gaze

The player has a powerful telepathic ability that he can use to stun an opponent into immobility. The player may use hypnotic gaze at the end of his Move Action on one opposing player who is in an adjacent square. Make an Agility roll for the player with hypnotic gaze, with a -1 modifier for each opposing tackle zone on the player with hypnotic gaze other than the victim's. If the Agility roll is successful, then the opposing player loses his tackle zones and may not catch, intercept or pass the ball, assist another player on a block or foul, or move voluntarily until the start of his next action or the drive ends. If the roll fails, then the hypnotic gaze has no effect.


If the player suffers a Casualty result on the Injury table, then roll a D6 for Regeneration after the roll on the Casualty table and after any Apothecary roll if allowed. On a result of 1-3, the player suffers the result of this injury. On a 4-6, the player will heal the injury after a short period of time to 're-organise' himself, and is placed in the Reserves box instead. Regeneration rolls may not be re-rolled. Note that opposing players still earn Star Player points as normal for inflicting a Casualty result on a player with this skill, even if the result doesn't affect the player in the normal way.

Best Vampires

91Grev Adolf von DunkelheimLogo Carpe Mortem 
86Grev Heinrich von BlutendorfLogo Carpe Mortem 
73Grev Heimlich von SchmerzenwaldLogo Carpe Mortem 
43Grev Wilhelm von KrankenheimLogo Carpe Mortem 
30Grevinne Beatrix von FĂŒrchtenstadtLogo Carpe Mortem 
14Grevinne Viktoria von SchattenburgLogo Carpe MortemDEAD
12(Unnamed)Logo Carpe Mortem 
0Grevinne Katharina von ÜbelhoferLogo Carpe MortemDEAD
0Grev Wilhelm von SchattenbergLogo Carpe MortemDEAD

Most Popular New Skills

Skill NameNumber of Players
Mighty Blow1
+1 ST1
Strip Ball1