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Chaos Minotaur

Cost:150 k
Skills normal:Strength, Mutation
Skills double:General, Agility, Passing




Loners, through inexperience, arrogance, animal ferocity or just plain stupidity, do not work well with the rest of the team. As a result, a Loner may use team re-rolls but has to roll a D6 first. On a roll of 4+, he may use the team re-roll as normal. On a roll of 1-3 the original result stands without being re-rolled but the team re-roll is lost (i.e. used).


A player with this skill is a slavering psychopath who attacks his opponents in an uncontrollable rage. Unless otherwise overridden, this skill must always be used. When making a block, a player with this skill must always follow up if they can. If a 'Pushed' or 'Defender Stumbles' result was chosen, the player must immediately throw a second block against the same opponent so long as they are both still standing and adjacent. If possible the player must also follow up this second block. If the frenzied player is performing a Blitz Action then he must pay a square of Movement and must make the second block unless he has no further normal movement and cannot go for it again.


A player with horns may use them to butt an opponent. This adds 1 to the player’s Strength when he makes a block. However, the player may only use this ability as part of a Blitz, and only if he has moved at least one square before he makes the block (standing up at the start of your Action does not count!). If the player has the Frenzy skill, then the Horns bonus applies on the second block if it applied on the first.

Mighty Blow

Add 1 to any Armour or Injury roll made by a player with this skill when an opponent is Knocked Down by this player during a block. Note that you only modify one of the dice rolls, so if you decide to use Mighty Blow to modify the Armour roll, you may not modify the Injury roll as well. Mighty Blow cannot be used with the Stab or Chainsaw skills.

Thick Skull

This player treats a roll of 8 on the Injury table, after any modifiers have been applied, as a Stunned result rather than a KO’d result. This skill may be used even if the player is Prone or Stunned.

Wild Animal

Wild Animals are uncontrollable creatures that rarely do exactly what a coach wants of them. In fact, just about all you can really rely on them to do is lash out at opposing players that move too close to them! To represent this, immediately after declaring an Action with a Wild Animal, roll a D6, adding 2 to the roll if taking a Block or Blitz Action. On a roll of 1-3, the Wild Animal does not move and roars in rage instead, and the Action is wasted.

Best Chaos Minotaurs

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7(Unnamed)Logo NokasDEAD
7StabeisLogo Rabbagastene 

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