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Necromantic Werewolf

Position:Necromantic Werewolf
Cost:120 k
Skills normal:General, Agility
Skills double:Strength, Passing




A player with this skill is blessed with a huge crab like claw or razor sharp talons that make armour useless. When an opponent is Knocked Down by this player during a block, any Armour roll of 8 or more after modifications automatically breaks armour.


A player with this skill is a slavering psychopath who attacks his opponents in an uncontrollable rage. Unless otherwise overridden, this skill must always be used. When making a block, a player with this skill must always follow up if they can. If a 'Pushed' or 'Defender Stumbles' result was chosen, the player must immediately throw a second block against the same opponent so long as they are both still standing and adjacent. If possible the player must also follow up this second block. If the frenzied player is performing a Blitz Action then he must pay a square of Movement and must make the second block unless he has no further normal movement and cannot go for it again.


If the player suffers a Casualty result on the Injury table, then roll a D6 for Regeneration after the roll on the Casualty table and after any Apothecary roll if allowed. On a result of 1-3, the player suffers the result of this injury. On a 4-6, the player will heal the injury after a short period of time to 're-organise' himself, and is placed in the Reserves box instead. Regeneration rolls may not be re-rolled. Note that opposing players still earn Star Player points as normal for inflicting a Casualty result on a player with this skill, even if the result doesn't affect the player in the normal way.

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