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Norse Blitzer

Cost:90 k
Skills normal:General, Strength
Skills double:Agility, Passing




A player with the Block skill is proficient at knocking opponents down. The Block skill, if used, affects the results rolled with the Block dice, as explained in the Blocking rules.


A player with this skill is a slavering psychopath who attacks his opponents in an uncontrollable rage. Unless otherwise overridden, this skill must always be used. When making a block, a player with this skill must always follow up if they can. If a 'Pushed' or 'Defender Stumbles' result was chosen, the player must immediately throw a second block against the same opponent so long as they are both still standing and adjacent. If possible the player must also follow up this second block. If the frenzied player is performing a Blitz Action then he must pay a square of Movement and must make the second block unless he has no further normal movement and cannot go for it again.

Jump Up

A player with this skill is able to quickly get back into the game. If the player declares any Action other than a Block Action he may stand up for free without paying the three squares of movement. The player may also declare a Block Action while Prone which requires an Agility roll with a +2 modifier to see if he can complete the Action. A successful roll means the player can stand up for free and block an adjacent opponent. A failed roll means the Block Action is wasted and the player may not stand up.

Best Norse Blitzers

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22Inge BjornisonLogo Bitz-Box Bastards 
20ArntorLogo Happy Happy Fun Times Team 
12Leiv UhepneLogo Valdsgutadn 
7EirikurLogo Happy Happy Fun Times TeamDEAD
7HefnirLogo Skull Collectors 
4Lidvard AbransLogo Valdsgutadn 
2Amund BrauteLogo Survivors of Svolder DEAD
0GeilirLogo Skull Collectors 
0Tony ErikssonLogo Vikingarna 
0Lasse WestmannLogo Vikingarna 

Most Popular New Skills

Skill NameNumber of Players
Mighty Blow3
+1 ST2
Stand Firm1
+1 AV1
Piling On1
Strip Ball1